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‘Merlin’ Extras & Movie Screencaptures

Posted by Claudia on
August 30th, 2015

The gallery was updated with screencaptures of the movie and the extras from the Merlin DVD, in which Helena played the role of Morgana Le Fey. Enjoy!

Gallery links:
Movies > Merlin > DVD Extras: The Making Of Merlin
Movies > Merlin > Screencaptures

Celebrating 5 Years Online!!!

Posted by Claudia on
August 29th, 2015

5 Years ago, in a very hot hot summer, a girl of 23 was making her first post on this site. That’s when all started!!

Bittersweet Bonham Carter today celebrates 5 years online. One of my oldest sites and reaching this achievement seems so impossible, like a dream. And I’m still dreaming. I’m still living this dream at the best. This site has given to me so much and, if possible, made me adore Helena even more, seeing all the big steps she did in her career and the improvements of it.

Join me celebrating this amazing day, and to other 100 of those! Cheers.

BFI Love! Launch Photocall

Posted by Claudia on
August 28th, 2015

And after the transfer we come with the first event. Yesterday Helena participated to the Launch Photocall of BFI Love! with her original parasol from the movie ‘A room with view’. Adorable lady!! Enjoy the photos I collected and added to the gallery!

Friendly reminder that from now on, you will no longer have to click and open the original image on a new pop-up window. Passing from thumb to original size, what you’ll see is the full image adapted to its content, so just save it or right-click and open in new tab to see at full.

Gallery link:
Public Appereances > Events 2015 > BFI Love! Launch Photocall

Helena Bonham Carter feels it’s important that the women she portrays are both family-oriented and educated. Accordingly, she plays Dr. Clair, an entomologist in “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet,” opening Friday in the District.

“It’s nice to have women that have two identities,” the twice-Oscar-nominated English actress told The Washington Times from Europe. This is more satisfying, she said, than merely “playing a woman who’s just there because she’s the mother of the protagonist.”

Based on the book, “The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet” follows the ingenious titular character (Kyle Catlett), a Montana boy with a passion for science whose invention catches the notice of the Smithsonian in Washington. After tragedy befalls young T.S., he makes the unwise decision to travel — alone — across the continent to the nation’s capital.

“I think it’s arguable that she should have been concentrated not on her bugs but more on her son,” Miss Bonham Carter said. “And she is so absent-minded, that’s why … what happens happens.”

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‘Suffragette’ New Poster

Posted by Claudia on
August 17th, 2015

There is a new poster from Suffragette added to the gallery, of all three ladies. Enjoy it!

Gallery link:
Movies > Suffragette > Posters

Welcome Back to Bittersweet Bonham Carter!

Posted by Claudia on
August 16th, 2015

Welcome back to Bittersweet Bonham Carter! As I kept you updated on twitter in these days, we had to find a new home since our hosting shut down! We found a new one in Flaunt Network and here we are. Just few times of downtime but we’re back with a new brand domain!!! Bookmark and follow updates from there! Enjoy!

ATTENTION: Site Announcement!

Posted by Claudia on
August 8th, 2015

Unfortunately our host is closing its doors so as of Monday August 10th the site will be offline. I will have the site moved elsewhere I’m just not sure how long it will take but don’t panic Bittersweet Bonham Carter will come back. Another important information is that I can’t keep the domain name but please follow us on twitter @ BittersweetBC I will inform you of any news regarding the move and the new URL there.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support!

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